Unity Tweening : DoTween Rules

Posted above is an animated gif of most of the ease-out tween types that I organized into an array for reference and a/b comparison using HoTween : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/3311.  Here's hoping this is helpful to folks out there.

HoTween Version 2.0: DoTween is relatively new, but is already my go to tool for any kind of value curve changes.  The support and response that Daniele Giardini (Demigiant) has been offering has been amazing : DOTween (HOTween v2), a Unity tween engine: alpha now open .  

And I especially enjoyed following how lambdas are implemented in C#, and applying them in my own code.  I was more than happy to support and sponsor his effort.  Check it out.  The future is looking amazing for Unity Tweening.

As far as I understand, much of the math is based on Robert Penner's Easing Functions : 


Which was a tremendous resource when I was building UI prototypes during my Research and Development days at Nintendo Technology.