Homemade Comic : Priceless (And Low Cost) Birthday Gift

Here's a comic strip that I posted to a friend's FaceBook wall for her Birthday a few years back.  She had also recently been accepted to Dental school...which she seemed a little too excited about?  Anyhows, she liked it, and I saved a buck or two on a more conventional retail gift<g>.

Attached are also a few quick throwaway thumbnails trying to hash out the idea.

I'm a dabbler by nature and generally have about a dozen projects going on at any given time.  It's the things with purpose, that I'll move to the finishing stage. 

Opencanvas : SpeedPaint

Here's a video of a couple of my older Opencanvas timelapse paint sessions.  

  • Dolphin was Gamecube's code name during development.  
  • One of the games and activities at family union barbeque a few years back, included wearing cheap white t-shirts for us all to mark up:).