Photoshop Tool : stripToLayers.jsx

This tool complements my layersToStrip.jsx.  StripToLayers.jsx takes an existing strip and copy shifts each frame into a single series of layers.  The default number of frames is estimated by dividing width/height.  This works perfectly for frames with uniform aspect ratio.  But will need to be adjusted manually if frame aspect are non-uniform.

Code is available at :

Tool Development : Interfaces are high mileage

I've written a large number of tools that end up deprecated.  Often times the content creation app will offer a more elegant native solution in an update, or more commonly, the pipeline needs itself changes.

Interfaces however, are much more resilient and surprisingly high mileage.  

I've built many one off animations rigs that languish, while the keyframe tool that drives it continues to find usage.  The animation UI pictured for simple commands such as zeroing out, mirroring and keying poses have been adapted to numerous foreign rigs on a number of various contracts and small side projects.

Vim : Modal Text Editor

This post over at Hacker News: Vim the Six Billion Dollar Editor reminded me of just how much I love Vim.  If your day to day involves text-slinging, Vim is a bionic weapon that'll return the investment in understanding it many times over.      

It's modal nature is somewhat astonishing at first : Why would a text editor have a mode that does not input text?  The reason becomes a bit more clear when you consider that about half the time of an average text editing session is spent tumbling to and from characters/words.  And by separating those two modes, Vim effectively doubles the available keystroke space.

Originally, I struggled with a number of false starts with picking up Vim.  Persistance paid off.  And the resources that helped me most were:

  • The built in vimtutor or the browser based openvim .
  • The videos at are a gentle, practical introduction to Vim's day to day use.  These videos got me to the critical point of applying Vim idioms to my real world projects.
  • Beautiful wallpaper by Ted Naleid. (My personal variant is attached.)

I also recommend finding a nice .vimrc :

(The jj macro to switch modes will be kinder on your fingers than having to reach for the escape key.)

Vim is ~20 years old, yet IMHO manages to feel ahead of the curve.

Photoshop Tool : layersToStrip.jsx

I do a healthy amount of graphic debugging and profiling.  This includes taking screenshots, making A/B comparisons, and laying them out into a report format.  This script automates the layer->strip(or stack) aspect of that.  

Code is available at:

Next up is updating this with a UI interface and generalizing it into a much friendlier tool.  Currently things like space offset between stacks are hardcoded.