Photoshop Tool : stripToLayers.jsx

This tool complements my layersToStrip.jsx.  StripToLayers.jsx takes an existing strip and copy shifts each frame into a single series of layers.  The default number of frames is estimated by dividing width/height.  This works perfectly for frames with uniform aspect ratio.  But will need to be adjusted manually if frame aspect are non-uniform.

Code is available at :

Photoshop : Tool And Workflow Visualizations

"A problem well stated is a problem half solved."

                                        -Charles F. Kettering

One of the day to day challenges of tool/workflow development is resolving the needs and wants of diverse disciplines.  That gap can be particularly wide on complex and ambitious projects.  Many times the requests from one department will appear to conflict with what another may be asking for. 

A practical and direct way to address this is with Photoshop wireframes.  Words can be imprecise; pictures and numbers however tend to be concrete.  Photoshop->conversationw/Design->Photoshop->conversationw/Engineers, in my experience has worked as an effective means to iterate.

This process is a great aid in moving the needle forward on plans sidetracked by abstration and ambiguity.  And at times these visualizations will also serve as an ad hoc contract for the tools to implement or workflow to be setup.

Photoshop Tool : layersToStrip.jsx

I do a healthy amount of graphic debugging and profiling.  This includes taking screenshots, making A/B comparisons, and laying them out into a report format.  This script automates the layer->strip(or stack) aspect of that.  

Code is available at:

Next up is updating this with a UI interface and generalizing it into a much friendlier tool.  Currently things like space offset between stacks are hardcoded.